The FrameIT system has been developed
from the ground up since 2005

Originally developed for inventory management, the software has grown
to provide integration with all areas of timber frame construction.

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House Type Management

  • Summary Information & Analysis
  • Check List Control
  • Panels (entered manually or imported from CAD systems)
  • Panel Stack Planning
  • Materials (Cutting List & Take Off Materials)
  • Call off processing at panel type level
  • Planning & Scheduling

Raw Material Stock Control

Unit control for purchase, factory use and take off despatch with automatic conversion as either units or pieces

Sales Order Processing

  • Despatch Processing
  • Delivery Processing
  • Invoice Processing
  • Block and Plot Processing

Purchase Order Processing & Call Off Stock Order Processing

  • Including Special Order Processing
  • Delivery Processing
  • All allocated to Job and Plots
  • Subcontract Order Processing
  • Schedule of Work Processing

Capacity Planning

  • Match planned personnel work patterns with production to identify shortfalls
  • Live capacity planning screen shows progress through the day
  • Planned capacity for multiple weeks ahead

Production Tracking to Plot or Panel Level

  • Barcode processing and tracking
  • Options to record start and end time for each panel or panel completion only
  • Matching of production at bench/saw level with personnel clocked on to each bench for performance analysis
  • Production dashboard shows all or selected production benches with summary information for each bench
  • Detailed dashboard for selected bench from summary screen

Personnel Management

  • Clocking with variable time shift / patterns and time clock capture
  • Payment analysis and bonus processing
  • Training and re-training with full history


Forecast planned and actual sales orders ahead with slippage allowance

Accounts Daybook Processing

  • Recording of invoices received either manually or imported
  • Automated invoice matching and self-billing invoice generation
  • Generation of output files for import into accounting systems

FrameIT Mobile

A mobile interface linked directly to FrameIT to be used by on-site contract managers
to report progress of work directly to the factory; helping with the planning system by
alerting the factory to potential hold ups.

  • Accessible Anywhere

    FrameIT Mobile can be deployed on your webserver, allowing external access exactly as you would with a normal website.

  • Mobile Access

    Designed to be accessed on a tablet, but is also accessible on a smartphone or computer.

  • Security

    Deployed with industry standard security practices, ensuring only those with valid credentials can access your data.

  • Report Generation

    On-site data and photo capture linking back to base, allowing PDF document generation.

  • Maps

    Linked with Google Maps, allowing easy navigation to sites.

  • Document Access

    Allows full remote access to all documentation generated and stored in FrameIT, including quotes, construction specification, and sales orders.

Case Study

Oregon Timber Frame

FrameIT’s “fast, accurate and integrated business data” allows Oregon Timber Frame to manage its own business.

Initially we wanted a system which would offer our customers guaranteed delivery, while still retaining the flexibility to respond to their changing needs. That’s where FrameIT began. It has proved an invaluable tool, in particular when site delivery schedules change many times a day, helping to avoid potential bottlenecks.
FrameIT began as a bespoke system designed for Oregon Timber Frame in 2005, and since then has gone from strength to strength.
Soon we realised FrameIT could significantly benefit the whole business by offering fast, accurate and integrated business data and it is now intrinsic to all areas of Oregon, including scheduling and capacity planning for the components needed to put together an Oregon house kit, invoicing, valuing and job costing.
This is all very well, but how does the housebuilder benefit?
A system like FrameIT enables us, as part of the housebuilders’ supply chain, to manage our business – and our own suppliers – with maximum efficiency. In a highly competitive market, that’s got to be good news for our customers.

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